Arting around

More Gilbert & George at White Cube Bermondsey. It’s the biggest commercial art gallery in Europe, but I found the space oddly oppressive. The piece I remember most vividly wasn’t by Gilbert & George, it was Liu Wei’s disorienting cityscape, carved out of compressed books. 


No Trumps

Interviewing Maggy Simony (who is 92…that's right, 92!) was the highlight of writing Country Living’s latest collecting column on bridge. We talked on a Sunday morning, while she was cleaning the house and listening to political shows. 


Arting around

Went to the Saatchi Gallery today. This is the picture I just couldn’t stop looking at t. So haunting. Photo of Iraq war veteran Jose Pequeno by Eugene Richards. 


It's cold in London.

Wish I was here instead! When I wrote about Isla Holbox for Budget Travel in 2005, I scooped the New York Times and Travel + Leisure, who followed suit (much later) with stories of their own. And now Tatler: there’s a Holbox story in the March 2012 issue. #therefirst


Making history

I love the simple brilliance of StoryCorps, which you can listen to every Friday on NPR. I was thrilled to interview founder Dave Isay for this story, which I wrote for Whole Living. And yes, he is every bit as genuine as every one of those StoryCorps tearjerkers. Dave, I salute you with my tissue. 


Arting around

Tacita Dean in the vast sloping expanse of the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern. Watching children interact with the moving images as they tried to run up the escalator steps was an unexpected pleasure.

Tacita Dean.jpg

Color and pattern

Visited the Marimekko shop in London today, down a cute little lane behind Selfridges. Reminded me of this timeline I put together for O at Home (R.I.P). The trip was inspiring enough to make me to dig through my archive of clips and post this.