My kind of obsession...

Every once in a while, I encounter something that makes me see everyday objects in a whole new way. This amazing arrangement of keys at Greenwich Locksmith made me slow down, stop, and take a picture...something I almost never do while in the speed tunnel of New York's streets.  


Cover Models

My latest collecting column for the September issue of Country Living. Osa Johnson, a gutsy pioneer and author of I Married Adventure, is my new style icon. I wouldn't mind following her across Africa, but at the moment I'd settle for a visit to the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum in Chanute, Kansas. 


No Trumps

Interviewing Maggy Simony (who is 92…that's right, 92!) was the highlight of writing Country Living’s latest collecting column on bridge. We talked on a Sunday morning, while she was cleaning the house and listening to political shows.